Tell Me A Good Story’s New Intention Book

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The primary mission of the Tell Me A Good Story nonprofit organization is to teach people how to communicate and connect with full intention, especially in face-to-face interactions. We teach ideas and tools in our classes and presentations that help people consciously interact with full intention. Unfortunately, we cannot present these ideas face to face […]

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At Tell Me A Good Story, we teach people how to connect and communicate with conscious¬†intention. We also help people learn about the educational, mental, physical and social benefits of connecting through quality, intentional, face-to-face interactions. As a way to teach people how to communicate and connect more effectively in their personal and business lives, […]

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Here at Tell Me A Good Story, we teach and encourage people to communicate and connect face-to-face, with full intention. A great face-to-face interaction is rewarding and satisfying in so many ways. We also¬†teach people how to use a number of different tools to improve education and communications. If you would like to help us […]