Your Presence Is Wanted

The Tell Me A Good Story nonprofit organization has as its primary mission –


 “To teach and encourage people to have more quality, face-to-face communications and interactions.” 

Sharing life with full Intention

Sharing life with full Intention

     In this busy world in which we live, we seldom stop and take the time to really communicate and connect with people with undistracted, conscious intention. In  the classes, presentations, seminars and materials we offer through our nonprofit, we teach people simple tools, ideas, and behaviors that will help them connect and communicate in more productive and satisfying ways.
     Whether a person is a child, parent, grandparent, friend, employee, coworker, customer or just a casual acquaintance, there are simple ways to make that person feel like a person who is noticed and appreciated.
        If you would like to learn the difference between living life with automatic, subconscious attention, versus conscious, focused intention, give us a call. We would love to help you make your ‘Presence’ around and with others, more productive, and more satisfying. 

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