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Following are links to articles, information, and the websites of other organizations related to the efforts of Tell Me A Good Story, storytelling, and the “Hands-On Show & Tell” concept we teach.
When we share stories with others face-to-face, we learn better, we remember better, and we connect better. We hope that the information provided through these links can help you learn about the educational, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual benefits that storytelling provides to both the storyteller, and the listener.
If you would like to have your information or organization added to this list, send us an email describing what you do, and we will gladly consider adding you to our list of resources.




Alzheimer’s Patients Turn To Stories Instead Of Memories

TimeSlips: Group Storytelling Helps Nursing Home Residents with Alzheimer’s

Storytelling Program Improves Lives of People With Alzheimer’s

Tactile Stimulation for Alzheimer’s and Dementia


Hands-on Activities and Benefits

Teaching science using hands-on storytelling and thinking process

Tactile Stimulation for Alzheimer’s and Dementia


Health, Medicine, Nursing, Caregiving

Exploring the Benefits of Storytelling in Nursing Education

Vulnerable story telling: narrative research in nursing

Storytelling: Is It Really Research?

Storytelling: an approach that can help to develop resilience.



The Science of Storytelling

8 Things Your Brain Does Wrong Every Day

Stories Synchronize Brains

Storytelling is Good Exercise for Your Brain

First Impressions – Facial Recognition of Trustworthy People


Education & Storytelling in Schools

Guideline on Teaching Storytelling

Hardwired for Stories

Storytelling as an Instructional Method: Definitions and Research Questions

Storytelling as Research/Research as Storytelling


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Storycatcher“. Baldwin, Christina, 2005.

Tell to Win“. Guber, Peter, 2011.



Desert Southwest Alzheimers Association

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Southern Arizona Nonprofits





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