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Current Classes

At Tell Me A Good Story, we teach people how to connect and communicate with conscious intention. We also help people learn about the educational, mental, physical and social benefits of connecting through quality, intentional, face-to-face interactions.
As a way to teach people how to communicate and connect more effectively in their personal and business lives, we offer a number of different presentations and classes. There are presentations for many different types of organizations and audiences. At present, we offer the following:
  1. Communicate, Learn, and Live Life with Conscious Intention  — In this one-to-four hour educational/motivational presentation, we teach people the difference between operating in an automatic, subconscious mode, versus experiencing life in a fully conscious way. This insightful presentation describes and demonstrates how living life with conscious intention is more productive, more memorable, and more satisfying. It teaches the many mental, physical, and emotional benefits that come from interacting with others with conscious intention, especially in face-to-face interactions. It also demonstrates how the best memories and times of our lives are most often created during times of conscious interaction with others. This engaging presentation is suitable for all types of audiences, and for age groups from teenagers to seniors. Whether your group is related to business, personal, organizations and nonprofits, church and civic groups, or just close families and friends, this presentation will help the audience learn how to communicate and connect with more conscious intention with family, friends, coworkers, customers, and — with themselves. CLICK HERE TO SEE A SAMPLE VIDEO OF THIS PRESENTATION.
  2. Conscious Communication at Work – In this one-to-three-hour class/presentation, we help business owners and employees learn how to communicate and connect more effectively with customers, Do Business with Conscious Intentionprospects, coworkers, managers, and suppliers. We teach tools and concepts that improve all types of face-to-face interactions, as well as communications by phone and forms of written communications. We also help participants understand that listening to and understanding the customer’s story — with full intention — is far more important than sharing information about the business itself. Better internal and external communications skills, especially in face-to-face interactions, lead to higher profits, reduced employee turnover, less stressful, healthier, and more satisfying work environments, and more profitable and loyal customers. Come experience how to do business with conscious intention, You will notice the difference. (CLICK HERE TO SEE A SAMPLE VIDEO OF THIS CLASS.)
  3. Putting Your Best ‘You’ Forward – In this one-to-three-hour class/presentation, we teach people how to present themselves in more effective and satisfying ways. First impressions ARE important. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that the first impression they give happens much sooner, much faster, and is far more impactful than they might think. The ideas and tools presented in this class are great for improving interactions between employees and customers, between coworkers, for interviewers and interviewees (human resource people and job hunters), and for any face-to-face interaction where how you present yourself can be just as important, if not more important, than the skills you possess. This class is great for people from all walks of life and for groups ranging from teenagers to seniors. CLICK HERE TO SEE A SAMPLE VIDEO OF THIS PRESENTATION
  4. How to Communicate and Connect More Effectively When Working a Business or Organization Booth — Organizations of many kinds will staff a booth at business events, community and civic events, and at health, art, cultural, and other types of events. Whether the organization is a nonprofit/association, a product or service business, an educational institution, or perhaps a civic or governmental agency, having a booth offers a way to have direct, face-to-face contact with customers, prospects, volunteers, constituents, and the general public.  Unfortunately, most people/employees/staff do not like to ‘work the booth’, and few receive any training in the most productive and effective ways to interact with the event attendees. In this two-three hour course, we teach people how to more effectively ‘work the booth’ with conscious intention. The course includes information on deciding what the purpose/objectives of having the booth are, how to setup the booth, what to have/not have in the booth, and how to use the booth as a way to screen people to only attract the specific audience that is desired. It also includes information on how to quickly determine if an approaching person is a ‘qualified prospect’, or just a ‘lookie-loo’, a ‘freebie hunter’, or someone who just walking around killing time. The course is appropriate for any person 18 years old and older.
  5. How Subconscious Biases Negatively Impact Personal Communications and Interactions — Did you know that our subconscious minds control and operate about 99% of our lives? It’s true. Unfortunately, since the primary concern of the subconscious mind is our safety, it is very judgmental. Our subconscious mind quickly evaluates everything it sees and senses as good, bad, or irrelevant. While this ability to make snap judgments was evolutionarily beneficial in keeping our ancestors from being eaten by saber tooth tigers, subconscious biases can get in the way of making good connections and of having quality, beneficial interactions with others. In this one-two hour class/presentation, we teach how the subconscious mind works, how it learns the biases you hold, and give examples of many situations in which subconscious biases can get in the way of productive communications and interaction.
If you would like to have us present one of these classes to your group, give us a call. Call us now at (520) 975-2904 to learn how we can help you use storytelling more effectively in your organization and your life.