Past Presentations & Testimonials

Here at Tell Me A Good Story, we are pleased that more and more people and organizations are taking advantage of the classes and presentations we offer. Since our mission is to teach people how to communicate and connect with conscious intention, we welcome any opportunity to share this information with interested parties.
Following are just few of the people, organizations, businesses and nonprofits to whom we have made presentations and given classes. If you would like to have us present to you, your organization, or an organization with which you are affiliated, please give us a call at (520) 975-2904. View the classes and presentations we currently offer by clicking here.
  • American Society for Training and Development — Tucson, AZ.
  • Amphitheater School District —  ‘Camp Apples’ Teacher Conference — Tucson, AZ
  • Arizona Air National Guard  - Airman Leadership Development Group
  • Canyon Ranch, Tucson, AZ
  • Cragin Elementary School
  • Direct Connect Job Club at the Pima County One-Stop
  • Dove Mountain Rotary
  • DREAM (Disability & Rehabilitation Employment Awareness Month) Organization
  • Elder Care Council
  • Eller Business School Sales Club, University of Arizona
  • Exceptional Entrepreneurs
  • Festival and Events Association of Tucson and Southern Arizona
  • Foundations and Frameworks – Community Partnership of Southern Arizona (CPSA)
  • Genworth Financial Group
  • Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater Vail Chamber of Commerce (three different presentations)
  • Guerrilla Language Inc.
  • Linkages — Job Developer Group
  • Lions Club of Tucson
  • Open Heavens Church
  • OLLI — Osher Life long Learning Institute (U of A) Central Tucson
  • OLLI — Osher Life long Learning Institute (U of A) Green Valley
  • OLLI — Osher Life long Learning Institute (U of A) Northwest
  • Oro Valley Business Club
  • Oro Valley Optimist Club
  • Oro Valley Rotary
  • Peers Professional Employment Exploration & Resource Service
  • Pima County Joint Technical Education District — JTED — Project SEARCH
  • Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department (RWRD) Annual Managers Retreat
  • Pima Writers Forum
  • Southern Arizona Artisans Markets
  • Southern Arizona Golden Retriever Rescue Nonprofit
  • SunnyVail 2015 Transitions Conference
  • Tucson Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)
  • Tucson Festival of Books
  • Tucson Professional Recruiters Association
  • University of Arizona – Human Resources Department
  • Waddell & Reed Financial Advisors

Sample Video

If you would like to see a short sample video of one of our classes, CLICK HERE.




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I recently attended your one hour presentation entitled ‘Live Life with Conscious Intention‘ at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. I have been vacationing at the Ranch for many years and your presentation was hands down the best, most informative, useful, and life-changing  session I have ever attended. Every guest and employee of the Ranch should be encouraged to attend your presentation. Your examples are simple, yet powerful in helping a person understand how his/her mind works, and why it is hard to learn new things and break old habits. With the understanding you provided, I have been able to make some real changes in my life, changes I never believed I would be able to enact. Thank You from the bottom of my heart!” A. Herndon — Canyon Ranch guest, 6/17.
Hawkeye is amazing! We are in awe of his gift to effectively engage our large and diverse group of managers. He presented ‘Communicating and Connecting with Conscious Intention‘ at our annual leadership workshop. His speech was thought provoking and it provided valuable information to assist us in building more productive relationships in our workforce. Given the era of less face to face connecting, this message is relevant in order to create a thriving organization. We need more Hawkeyes in this world!” Annie Szalay – Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department - Employee Development & Training. 9/14.
Hawkeye recently spoke to my group of special education students at the University of Arizona. His message was “Putting Your Best ‘You’ Forward” and he delivered an excellent presentation. Our students were engaged, challenged and interactive during the presentation. Moreover, Hawkeye doesn’t just lecture, he engages his audience and encourages participation. We were very grateful for the information shared via Hawkeye. He does an excellent job of relating real-world material to all generations in any type of setting. Thank you Hawkeye!” — Daniel Habinek, Special Education Teacher at Pima JTED. 10/14.
“From your seminar I not only took away methods to use with my students and co-workers, but also great tools to communicate and interact with my own family. Thank you!” M. Glassman — Elementary School Teacher.
Until I heard your presentation, I thought my employees and I were connecting pretty well with customers. Now I  realize we had no idea how  ‘unconscious’ we were in our interactions and how much business that is costing us. Your discussions about the advantages of meeting face-to-face, of ways to connect more effectively on the phone, and on how to more effectively work a booth at a trade show or community event were especially thought provoking. I will be contacting you to come train all of my managers and employees on how to really connect and communicate with conscious intention.” Bill Grazer, Synoptics Corp.
“Hawkeye Richardson delivered a most professional and inspiring workshop- one of the best I have ever attended. He is humorous, insightful and the group all left with so many specific and exciting ideas for relating to others, increasing self awareness and esteem, and getting organized to go forth and prosper! He is outstanding, and any group would be well served to have him present to them – he is a real treasure of Tucson and a really special person! It was an inspired presentation.” – Genie Eaker – Southern Arizona Artisans Markets
We recently had Hawkeye Richardson from the Tell Me A Good Story non-profit present an educational workshop to a group of Chamber members. The presentation was designed to help business owners and employees learn how to better tell the story of their business, and how to communicate more effectively with customers, prospects, and employees. In the engaging and interactive workshop, Hawkeye taught us how our subconscious minds work when we meet people, and how a wide range of factors affect a person’s decision whether or not to do business with a company. He showed us how the story of our business is not just the words we use, but also how we look and act, whether we are attentive and courteous, and whether we listen, understand and respond to the customer’s story. These concepts are also applicable to communicating better with friends and family. We would highly recommend that any organization have Hawkeye come teach its employees, staff and volunteers how to connect and communicate more effectively with conscious intention.” — Alex Demeroutis, Events Director, Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce, Oro Valley, AZ.
“I recently invited Hawkeye Richardson to present at the Direct Connect Job Club at the Pima County One-Stop in Tucson. He presented “Putting Your Best ‘You’ Forward” a carefully tailored presentation for an audience of 17 Job Seekers. His presentation was informative and motivational. There was continuous interaction with the job seekers and he was more than willing to share his expertise with them. The feedback from job seekers that attended was all positive and very much appreciated. Attendees said they learned a lot of new and powerful tools they can apply, not only to their job search, but to their personal lives. Thank you Hawkeye for an amazing morning and for your partnership with the Pima County One-Stop.”  Rosemary Smith PHR; CWDP
“Hawkeye Richardson, of Tell Me A Good Story, attended a meeting for the Eller Sales Club at University of Arizona and by the end of his presentation, had every member blown away by the information received. I was especially intrigued and immediately set up a time to learn more about how to better communicate with others. During our meeting, he me gave an eye-opening lesson about paying conscious intention to our daily activities and the people around us. I was fascinated with how truly important this skill is to have in both business and social settings, and loved how he was so passionate and willing to help. I definitely recommend that people of all ages should be exposed to this information, and hope to see Hawkeye present more at the U of A.”  – R. S., MBA Candidate, Univ. of Arizona.
 “At Open Heavens Fellowship church we believe that people learn best and connect best by sharing stories. Therefore, we are always looking for workshop presenters to help our members become better story-tellers. Hawkeye Richardson fulfilled our every expectation. He stayed within the allotted time and has a well thought out presentation which he skillfully delivers with ease and interest. I appreciated his emphasis on becoming a “good” story teller versus trying to be a “great” story teller; and the power of helping people remember the details of the story. We will be having him back again!” —– Pastor Jenny McBride
I now understand the power of hands-on learning, and the significant impact of teaching with ‘intention’, versus teaching with ‘attention’. I also loved learning about how our brains operate, especially at the subconscious level. I see great application of these concepts in my Teacher/Student relationships and interactions.  – B. Simmons — High School Teacher.
We recently had the opportunity to have Hawkeye Richardson from “Tell Me a Good Story” speak at one of our meetings. He presented a two-hour seminar on ‘Telling the Story of Your Business’. Not only was Hawkeye well prepared and knowledgeable, but he also engaged with every member of the group on some level. It was fantastically educational and everyone took away a better way to communicate their business model to prospective clients. I highly recommend Hawkeye as a speaker and educator.” – Renee Bailey, Exceptional Entrepreneurs – Tucson
The communications concept you taught about interacting with ‘intention‘ had an instant and positive outcome with the very first family member I talked with as soon as I got home. This idea has had a huge impact on my way of thinking, and I plan to use it at school with my students, and at home.”  S. Brown — Middle School Teacher.
” I recently attended a seminar given by Hawkeye Richardson entitled “Telling The Story of Your Business”.  Hawkeye was both entertaining and insightful.  I was enlightened to learn that our subconscious minds love stories, and to better understand the role our subconscious mind plays in choosing a company with which to do business.  At the same time, I was relieved of some of the pressure I put on myself about attending business networking events.  Hawkeye put the process of learning how to tell the story of my business in its proper perspective, and in a humorous and engaging way.  I can’t wait to hear Hawkeye again and have already recommended his seminars to several other business groups to which I belong. – Debbie Rahn – Genworth Financial.
“What simple, yet powerful demonstrations about ‘life’ lessons you showed using the magnets and the teeter-totter ruler. These will be great teaching tools for me to use to help students deal with the challenges of school, and life.” – J. Johnson — Elementary School Teacher.