Communicate & Connect with Conscious Intention

Do you know the difference between paying ‘attention’ versus paying ‘intention’? Attention means to be aware, receiving and processing information. 
Intention is an attitude, and taking action to have an impact on someone or something. You can pay attention to someone and still not give them your full intention.
Our subconscious minds run about 99% of our lives — automatically — without our having to pay much conscious intention to what we are doing. We can cook dinner, wash the dishes, listen to the TV, watch the kids, and talk on the cellphone at the same time. But, when we operate in this automatic mode, do we really give our full, conscious intention to what we are doing, or to those around us?
How do you feel when you know people are not giving you their conscious intention? Interacting with conscious intention is a two-way street — the more we give others our conscious intention, the more likely they will give their conscious intention in return. When we meet each other with conscious intention, both people feel more noticed, more rewarded and more satisfied.
Interacting with intention is a conscious action. It is best done when looking someone straight in the eye, with no other distractions pulling on our attention.
At Tell Me A Good Story, we teach people how to communicate and connect more effectively by learning how to give our conscious intention. It is a simple concept, but most of us don’t put it to use as often as we might like.
 An act of intention makes communicating and connecting more powerful and effective. The concept can be used in families, between friends, with co-workers, with customers. It is especially useful when two (or more) people mConscious Intention Book Covereet face-to-face. 
We offer a number of classes to teach people how to communicate and connect with full intention. Click here to get more information about these classes.

We also have published a book titledCommunicating and Connecting with FULL INTENTIONwhich contains much of the information we teach in our classes. You may purchase the book by clicking on the title. All proceeds from the sale of the book provide funding to help us teach our classes.

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