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Tell Me A Good Story’s New Intention Book

The primary mission of the Tell Me A Good Story nonprofit organization is to teach people how to communicate and connect with full intention, especially in face-to-face interactions. We teach ideas and tools in our classes and presentations that help people consciously interact with conscious intention.
Unfortunately, we cannot present these ideas face to face with everyone. So, we have put most of the ideas and tools into a book. The book is suitable for all ‘kids and adults’ ages 10 to 96. it covers lots of different situations and opportunities where people can consciously learn to act with conscious intention. It covers the application of these ideas for both our personal and our business activities. It even gives suggestions on how to better connect with conscious intention when we can’t interact with others face to face.
If you would like to have more information on the contents of the book click here. And, you may purchase the book for yourself or someone you care about at the same time.
Communicating and connecting with conscious intention is easy to learn, simple to put into use, and can be done anywhere, anytime,with anyone. Click on the link below to learn how you, too, can communicate and connect in more productive and satisfying ways.

If you would like to purchase a copy of

the Tell Me A Good Story book:

“Communicating and Connecting

with Conscious INTENTION”