Your Presence Is Wanted

The Tell Me A Good Story educational nonprofit organization has the following as its guiding thought:

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     In the classes, presentations, seminars and materials we offer, we teach people to have more quality, face-to-face communications and interactions. Whether a person is a child, a teenager, an adult or senior, we can all learn ways to communicate and connect with more conscious intention. Children, parents and grandparents, friends, family members, coworkers, employees, customers, and even casual acquaintances benefit when we look each other directly in the eye and interact with a conscious intention to really connect with the other person.
     Unfortunately, in today’s busy world, we seldom stop and take the time to connect with a person like real human beings. And, even worse, technology seems to promote ‘long distance’ connections. One of our favorite phrases to highlight this problem is: “Facebook-to-Facebook” is NOT the same as Face to Face!” 
Sharing life with full Intention

Sharing life with full Intention

     There are many documented benefits to face-to-face interaction: Better health, less stress, longer lives, more happiness, and more meaningful relationships.
     In business, really connecting with customers leads to increased loyalty, more frequent sales, and higher sales per purchase. Better communication within companies leads to higher profits, lower turnover, and higher productivity. All in all, an investment in learning how to communicate and connect with conscious intention can lead to more productive, satisfying and profitable relationships of all kinds.
     Even better, the concepts are easy to learn, cost virtually nothing, and can be done anywhere, anytime, with anyone. 
     If you would like to learn how to communicate and connect with conscious intention, please contact us. As an educational nonprofit, we love teaching people how to give the gift of — themselves.


“The best gift you can give a person is not a ‘present’;

it’s your Presence.”