It takes both fun and meaningful work to keep the Tell Me A Good Story organization humming along. We want to thank all the great volunteers who donate their time, their items, their stories, and their support to our efforts.
As a volunteer, there are many ways you can help. We need volunteers:
1. To collect, research, document, inventory and write the stories for all the wonderful collectible books that are donated to us.
2. Who can make presentations to the public (telling stories — of course :))
3. Who can help us ‘man-the-booth’ at our book fairs and events within the community.
4. Who can help teach classes on “Hands-On Show & Tell“, and using storytelling as an effective educational and communications tool.
5. Who will communicate our message to family, friends, associates and anyone who would love to hear a good story.
If you would like to be a volunteer, please contact us by either email or phone. Believe us when we say, “Sharing at least one story a day really helps keep the doctor away!” Come join us and experience the mental, physical, social and educational benefits you will give and receive by sharing good stories face-to-face.