The Tell Me A Good Story organization strongly believes that communicating and connecting  ‘face-to-face’ with conscious intention provides mental, physical, social and educational benefits that ‘face-to-screen’ communications just can’t equal. Therefore, while we certainly use the Internet and other forms of electronic communication to get our message out, we really love presenting face-to-face whenever possible.
 If you, or a group with which you are associated, are interested in learning more about the Tell Me A Good Story organization and what we are trying to accomplish, please give us a call. We operate primarily in southern Arizona, but are open to telling our story to anyone who would like to listen. If you would like to have us come talk to you or your group, call (520) 975-2904. Hawkeye Class 2
We currently offer five different classes and presentations on using conscious intention as an effective educational and communications tool. Click here to see a list and description of the classes.
If you would like to be a teacher for Tell Me A Good Story, gives us a call. The only credentials you have to have are (1) a smile on your face, (2) a willingness to learn, understand, and utilize the ‘communicating and connecting with conscious intention’ concepts we teach, and (3) a desire to get face-to-face with people for the purpose of sharing enjoyable, interesting, and educational information with others. If you feel that you would like to be a part of our TMGS Team, give us a call at (520) 975-2904.


Our Current Speakers and Teachers

Our organization was formed in March of 2012, and we are a growing, work in progress. In addition to the individual listed below, others individuals are learning the Conscious Intention concepts and will soon be ready to join the list of presenters and speakers.


Hawkeye Richardson — Executive Director – Tell Me A Good Story:

Hawkeye Richardson has been a marketing, advertising and communications consultant for over 35 years. He is an author, frequent speaker, teacher, and presenter, and loves to share the concepts of face-to-face, conscious intention with others. He is also the Executive Director of the Tell Me A Good Story nonprofit organization. If you would like to see a short video of Hawkeye in action teaching one of our classes, CLICK HERE.