How to Research a Story

Would you like to learn how to more easily tell an interesting, educational or entertaining story? The easiest way we have found for people to learn to tell stories is to tell stories about an interesting item.
We teach a concept we call “Hands-On Show & Tell“. The basic idea is to tell a story about an interesting item. The item might be an old book, a family heirloom, an old coin or stamp, great Uncle Bill’s old toy car, or Grandma Betty’s handwoven comforter. Using this concept, you tell the story about the item that it would tell itself if it could speak — who owned it, where has it been, what might it have seen in its travels. Who made it, what is it made of, and how did it come to be in your hands.
Of course, the more you know about an item, the more story you can tell about it. To help you research the story about and item, we have put together a Workbook. It is full of examples, questions and resources you can use to research an item, and then be able to tell its story.
If you would like to read or download a free copy of this workbook, Click Here.  Once you find out the information and ‘story’ about an item, we think you will find that it is pretty easy to share its story with another person. Importantly, when you share the story of the item with another person, let them hold the item in their hands. They will learn the story better, remember it better, and connect with you better.
If you have questions or would like more information about our organization and our activities, send us an email or give us a call at (520) 975-2904. We would love to help you learn about the many educational, mental, physical and social  benefits of sharing stories with others.