Sharing life with full Intention


Here at Tell Me A Good Story, we encourage people to communicate and connect face-to-face. Why? Why is it important to share in person? What are the benefits to yourself and the other person?
Think about this. Which of the following do you find more enjoyable, more memorable, more engaging:
  1. Watching a music video on TV, or attending a concert in person?
  2. Watching or listening to a baseball game, or attending a game in person?
  3. Reading a book by a good author, or going to a book reading with a friend where the author does the reading?
  4. Watching a webinar class on a computer screen, or attending a class in person?
  5. Watching a video that teaches you how to fly-fish, or being on the stream with a rod in your hand, smelling the trees, hearing the birds and the river, seeing the fish in the water, feeling the cold water on your legs, and noticing how good that simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich tastes when eaten outdoors, especially with a friend with whom to share it?

The Benefits to You and

Your Listener

There is much scientific research that shows that when we interact with people in a face-to-face setting, our brains are more engaged. When we are physically present, face-to-face, we use all of our senses. In this environment, our brains are more active, we learn better, we remember longer.
There are scientific studies which prove that when we connect face-to-face, the brain waves of two people can actually become synchronized. The sharing of information face-to-face can truly connect us through our hearts and our minds.
Did you know that, on average, married people live longer than single people? Studies suggest that when we engage our brains in direct, person-to-person communication and social interaction, we are healthier, we are likely to live longer, and we are prone to have a more positive outlook. Active use of our brains on a daily basis has also been shown to delay and lessen the impacts of Alzheimer’s and general aging.
We are social beings. While it may seem that technology has made the world smaller and more accessible, in reality, we are in many ways becoming more physically isolated from others. Interacting by Facebook and YouTube, or by email, texting, or over a cell phone, simply does not deliver the same level of mental, physical, emotional and educational benefits that giving another person your full intention provides.