Story Hunters

One of the groups of contributors which has a lot of fun helping the Tell Me A Good Story organization is the ‘Story Hunters’. But, who are the Story Hunters and what do they do for TMGS?
As you may now know, here at Tell Me A Good Story, we encourage people to have more face-to-face interactions by telling good stories to each other. We teach people, of all ages, how to create and tell a good story about an item or object.
The concept is called ‘Hands-On Show & Tell’. It is called ‘hands-on’ because we encourage having the real item available for the listener to be able to touch and hold in his/her hands while the story about it is told.
Each story is specifically related to one item. The item might be an old sword, an old book, a movie poster, or a piece of heirloom jewelry that has been passed down in the family. Regardless of what kind of item it is, we teach people how to research, document, preserve and share a story about the item.
 Most of the items that we receive are books donated by individuals who are interested in documenting, preserving and sharing the stories that these wonderful, collectible books contain. Many books are donated by people who have either collected them over the years, inherited them, or are books that were given to them. They donate these collectible books (for which they can take a charitable deduction) and take pleasure in the thought that these historical and collectible books will be going to a good home where the new ‘caretaker’ will cherish them and pass on their stories for years to come.
But, back to the Story Hunters. The Story Hunters are a unique group of volunteers who help research and write the stories about these collectible books. By researching in the book and online, they find Oldsmobile World Atlasinteresting information and stories about the books, the authors, the time period in which they were written, and other interesting, and often little-known facts. As we say, these collectible books not only have a story in them, they have a story about them. Our Story Hunters have great fun getting to work with and research these cool books, and take pleasure in passing that information on through the stories they write which then go with the book. (Click here to read one of the stories.)
If you would like to be an official (or unofficial) member of the Story Hunters, give us a call and we can help you learn how to research and write the stories for these great old books. Then, you, too, can experience the fun of finding and saving a special item with a unique story, and of sharing its story face-to-face with people who love to hear a good story.