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Please Make a Donation Today

Here at Tell Me A Good Story, we teach and encourage people to communicate and connect face-to-face, with full intention. A great face-to-face interaction is rewarding and satisfying in so many ways. We also teach people how to use a number of different tools to improve education and communications.
If you would like to help us teach people how to communicate and connect in more satisfying ways, we would greatly appreciate your support.
There are a number of ways you can help. We would greatly welcome a monetary contribution below that will help us promote our efforts through events, classes and presentations to ‘kids of all ages.’ To make a monetary contribution, fill in the information on the form below. We gladly accept donations by credit card and PayPal.
You can help by contributing old, rare, and collectible books that we can sell at our Rare and Collectible Book Fair fundraising events. As we like to say, cool, old books have a story in them, and a story about them. Through the sale of these collectible books, you help preserve the books, share their stories, and encourage people to connect with intention by sharing a book together. If you would like to donate collectible books, please call us. (520) 975-2904
You can also support our efforts by purchasing some of the great collectible books we sell at the many Book Fair fundraising events we hold around Southern Arizona. If you would like to see a calendar of upcoming book fairs, click on the calendar on our home page.
We also welcome your donation of good, used books that we can process and distribute free to the local Veteran’s Hospital, Senior Centers, disadvantaged families, and children’s literacy groups. Call us to discuss your donation.
If you would like to be a volunteer, there are many ways to get involved. Just give us a call and we’ll be glad to have your help.
Thank you for your support. (520-975-2904)
And, remember, we learn better, we remember better, and we connect better when we share stories with intention face-to-face, and when we can participate ‘hands-on.’
  • Please consider a recurring donation. Each month we will smile when we see your name.
  • Check out the Sponsorship tab at the top of the page under Contributors. People or companies who donate $250.00 or more can be recognized on our website and for our events. We are so appreciative of their support and enthusiasm.